FabJob Guide: How to Become a Wedding Planner


Is it just me? Or have you noticed that very few how-to-become-a-wedding-planner books actually help or show you how to become a wedding planner?!

Thankfully, the ‘FabJob Guide to Become a Wedding Planner’ is one of those rare gems that does what it claims.

I purchased my copy years ago when I first made the decision to make a living planning weddings and since then, FabJob has added tons more resources. It’s full of helpful tips; easy to follow checklists and one of the few professional wedding planner books that I still refer to and personally recommend.

Best of all, if you don’t want to wait for the printed version to arrive in the mail, you can get it as an E-book delivered right to your email in box. How about that for instant gratification!

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  • Brittney says:

    My sister bought this book for me after my wedding when I told her how much I enjoyed planning my wedding and that I would love to do it for a living. Well, finally, almost 6 years later (and many free weddings inbetween), I started my business. And this book is invaluable! Great suggestions and sample forms and contracts. I am a small business in a very small community, and it has been hard to get potential clients to understand the importance of hiring a wedding planner, but this book gives great ideas that apply to big cities or small towns.

    • Debbie Quain says:

      Brittney, congrats on getting your wedding business started. Good for you! Thanks for your feedback. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re finding the “FabJob Guide to Become a Wedding Planner” just as helpful as I did (and still do).

  • arivinthiny says:

    im a fresh graduate. im really interest in this field .
    i love the wedding environment. mostly in indian wedding. im really dont know the basic how to start this business..
    i hope you can give me some advice or tips about this career. thank you

  • madiha akram says:

    i am in graduation and wants to become a wedding planner in future . is this book is available online????
    kindly inform me…………..

    • Debbie Quain says:

      Yes the book is available online. The link in the review directs you to a page where you can download the ebook or purchase the print version.