LIVE! #352 – Wedding Insurance for Clients and Wedding Planners

During this episode we focus on wedding insurance.  Don’t worry, this is not one of those sessions where you’ll have to stifle a yawn.

Listen in and get the need-to-know stuff only, so that you, the wedding planner, can help your clients decide whether or not they need wedding insurance for their big day and also an overview of what types of business insurance is available for your wedding planning business.



Wedding Insurance Terms you Need to Know:

Deductible – the amount of loss YOU agree to pay before insurance kicks in
Policy – written contract of insurance
Policy Holder – person identified as the owner or ‘named insured’ for the policy
Additional insured – Person/party, other than the policyholder, who is added to a policy so that they will also be covered by policy.

Wedding Insurance for your Wedding Clients

There are two (2) types of wedding insurance available for couples getting married:

Wedding Liability – covers property (i.e. the wedding venue) damage and personal injury (e.g. a guest who suffers from food poisoning from food served at the wedding reception. Yikes!). For legal information on personal damages and other medical coverage speak to the philadelphia wrongful death lawyer right away.

Wedding Cancellation Insurance reimburses  any non-refundable deposits paid by your clients if their wedding is canceled or postponed.

This type of wedding insurance also kicks in if the wedding takes place, but a loss — that’s covered by the insurance policy —  occurs.  For example the photographer is a no-show and your clients need to pay premium rates for a last-minute replacement photographer.

Keep in mind that in most instances, wedding cancellation insurance will not cover claims for a wedding that is canceled because one of your clients gets cold feet.

Here are a few providers of wedding insurance for your  clients: WedSafe;,

Wedding Insurance for Wedding Planner

Although there are several types of business insurance for your wedding business, there are two (2) types of coverage that generate the most questions:

1. General Liability – covers you from claims of bodily injury or property damage.

2. Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions – covers you if your clients decide that you failed to provide your professional services, adequately. Or, perhaps a misprint on one of your professional documents leads to an undesired result or misunderstanding.  Think of this type of insurance as intellectual damage.

Additionally, know that a Business Owner’s Policy is a bundle of insurance products created to suit your wedding business needs.


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The Hartford provides general and professional liability coverage for your wedding planning business. Learn more about business insurance coverage from The Hartford, here.

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    1. Hi Jennifer, check with the Hartford (the link is in the article) for wedding planner’s insurance. There are others, but, this is the company I use and am familiar with.