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LIVE! #349 – Event Design Training, Cancelled Wedding Resource, Comic Relief for Planners

This episode of Confetti includes a variety of resources and ‘finds’ for us wedding planners.

Got something to share with other wedding planners and pros?  Please let me know.



A Solution for Cancelled Weddings?

I love clever concepts! Check out the one-of-a-kind website,   This site brokers great deals on cancelled wedding contracts.

It makes perfect sense. Wedding venues don’t want to sit empty when a wedding is cancelled and couples who are flexible and looking for a ready-made package deal can get one for much less by using this service  Talk about win-win!

Insurance Claims filed for Disappearing Wedding Planners

Apparently, 40% of claims filed with wedding insurance companies are because of disappearing wedding planners who have gone out of business. What in the….

It’s no wonder so many of us get lukewarm receptions from other wedding pros when we introduce ourselves!

Running a business takes commitment.  (Are you sure you want to do this?)

Learn Wedding Design…for Less

EventPro Training provides a comprehensive group of instructional, on-demand videos.  Learn draping, simple floral arrangements and more.

Created by (the very approachable and friendly) Wendy Binns, the all-access membership usually sells for $599.  But, you can take advantage of their current sale through June 1, 2013 and pay only $399.  Click here to get the special deal. 

You can also purchase individual instructional videos for specific design areas — for example, ceiling draping, only.  Wendy also hosts a 3-day workshop in Tennessee where you learn design, hands-on.

Feel free to contact Wendy –her number is listed on the EventProTraining website.  Please tell her you heard about EventPro on Confetti. 🙂

Web TV Series: ‘Diary of a Wedding Planner’

Have you seen this hilarious web series on YouTube? Unfortunately, Diary of a Wedding Planner is no longer in production, however, you have to check out the posted episodes for this mockumentary about wedding pro Khristy whose only goal is to ‘plan in the big leagues’.

Check out the YouTube channel, here.

 Leave a Voice Message

Call and leave your recorded question or comment for playback during the live show! Call anytime: 202-681-2126


An Affordable Virtual Telephone Service for your Wedding Business– Looking for an affordable way to take calls from prospects and clients?  This might be the telephone service for you.  Go to for a 30-day trial.

Hands-On Event Design Training – Another resource for event design is iWedGlobal.  You can listen to the Confetti episode about learning event design,  co-hosted by the iWedGlobal team, here.

Wedding Business Guide – Learn how to make money as a day-of wedding coordinator.  Learn more about the Wedding Business Guide, here.

Confetti on iTunes – Catch up on the latest episodes on iTunes (and, please, consider leaving a review while you’re there. ) 🙂  Here’s our iTunes page.


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Comments on LIVE! #349 – Event Design Training, Cancelled Wedding Resource, Comic Relief for Planners

This Post Has 4 Comments
  1. Ok Loved the show..Your a genius! I’m going to start listening every Tuesday.. your hilarious.. and its like I’m listening to me on some of your stuff.. I laughed and laughed I love your easy going and fun attitude!! lol Great information.

    Feedback: On the quality of our videos.. we have a whole new video setup now.

    Also we are fixing to offer a special on where we come to the wedding designers and help them / train them with events. For example we had a wedding designer call us from Alaska and was asking how to install a certain kind of drape in a certain kind of venue.. I helped get her the right fabric but she was still unsure how to use it.. so she hired us to come up there (June 25) and help her set this up with this wedding! So this is a service that we offer that not many wedding designers know about.. Normally its $2,500 per event plus travel and accommodations and the sale goes into effect tomorrow (June 3rd)that the charge is $850 plus travel and accommodations… So Jeremy and I will personally come to them and teach/train/help them setup the event or help them setup their offices.. show them selling techniques.. there is a whole range of things we can help them.. one on one.. I dont know of any other company that does that.. soooo thought I would let you know! Okay all for now! Glad you called me! Keep up the brilliant work!

  2. Just finished listening to last week’s episode, thanks for sharing the Bridal Brokerage site, didn’t know there was a group that handled cancelled weddings. Pretty neat. And thank you so much, for sharing Event Pro, just went on the website to check them out.

    1. Hey Nancy,

      Thanks so much for your feedback. It’s amazing what we come up with if we simply try to fix a problem, right? I agree, Bridal Brokerage is pretty neat.

      I thought of you instantly when I was learning about EventPro Trainin (since you’re all about design). 🙂

      Again, thanks.


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