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Wedding Guest Seating – WFAL399

Here’s a basic overview of seating wedding guests at the wedding reception.

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Wedding Guest Seating Stationery

When it comes to seating your client’s wedding guests, at the very least you’ll need:

  • An alphabetized list of attending guest names
  • Escort cards with each guest name and table assignment in alphabetical order
  • Place cards (if applicable) with guest names
  • Table signs (with either numbers or table names) for each table and a corresponding room layout
  • Seating chart(s) (if applicable)

Keep in Mind:

  • You need your clients’ input to determine where guests should be seated at the wedding reception
  • Wedding guest seating arrangements are made during the final part of the wedding planning process – allow yourself enough time…you have lots to do!
  • Wedding guests are not likely to spend more than an hour and 15 minutes (give or take) seated together at a table.
  • Do whatever you can to avoid a bottleneck at the entrance to the main wedding reception room


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