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5 Reasons Why a Bride Might Hire a Wedding Planner

It’s obvious that not every couple getting married will hire a wedding planner. But here are five situations when your professional wedding planner services are sure to make the planning process run much more smoothly.

REASON #1: Hiring a wedding planner is a good idea for brides who: “Can’t Spare at Least 12 Hours a Week to Do the Job Themselves.”

Planning a wedding is tedious stuff (believe me, I know!), especially when you’re working or going to school full time.

Brides who have access to a telephone at work tend to make a lot of their planning arrangements during the work day, (falsely) thinking that this preoccupation with their wedding is going unnoticed. Well, with the exception of her boss who may be clueless to her new found bridal consulting ‘position’, it’s probably safe to say that her coworkers are certainly paying attention!

For the full-time employee (who happens to be a bride) who may not want or thinks she can’t afford your full-service package, let her know that she has the option of hiring you, the professional wedding planner, to investigate vendors such as finding the venue or choosing a photographer.

Based on her style and budget, you give her a selection of three or four vendors in each category and then let her make the final decision, saving her countless hours of planning time…on the job!

REASON #2: Hiring a wedding planner is a good idea for brides who: “Plan on Inviting More than 100 Wedding Guests.”

Truthfully speaking, working with a guest list of a little more than 100 guests is not unmanageable. But as that guest list grows (as it inevitably does), logistically, things begin to get trickier.

The ever-changing seating arrangements are enough to send a sane person over the edge. Coming up with a menu that satisfies the bride’s strict vegan tastes and the groom’s family’s love of meat-and-potatoes almost requires the skill of a magician. And then there’s the budget. Each name added to the guest list increases the cost of the wedding. Tasks that are overwhelming for any wedding but are emphasized with an ever-growing guest list.

You, the professional wedding planner, have the familiarity (and professional wedding planning software) to make management of things like seating charts a breeze. A last minute addition of 10 more guests to the list probably won’t faze the fabulous caterer that you’re accustomed to working with.

And your expertise and knowledge means that you know how to get the most bang out of your bride’s buck to make her budget stretch beyond belief!

REASON #3: Hiring a wedding planner is a good idea for brides who: “Are Hosting their Wedding somewhere other than a Full-service Venue (for example at home, a museum or outdoors)”

There’s a reason why hosting a wedding in a hotel or local full-service banquet hall is a such a popular choice for many brides; it’s been done before, so it’s likely that the wedding will happen, as planned, without too many hitches.

The flip side is that, well, it’s been done before (yawn!), so the wedding risks looking like all the other events held there. Hosting a wedding in an unusual venue like at home (my personal favorite), or a local museum or in a barn is a fun and quirky option.

But these type of off-the-beaten-track events come with a special set of issues all their own and really shouldn’t be planned without the help of a professional wedding consultant.

Depending on what’s available at the venue, several items will need to be brought in–think chairs, tables, the dance floor, portable toilets…the list goes on! Then there are other considerations like ‘where will everyone park?’, ‘do you need a special permit?’ ‘where will the caterer set up?’.

A professional planner is prepared to address all of these concerns and more.

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Comments on 5 Reasons Why a Bride Might Hire a Wedding Planner

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  1. Hi great site. I’m just starting a wedding planning business and recently I left a comment, but can’t find it to know if anyone replied.
    Is there a way to find out?
    Thanks 🙂


    1. Hi Ken,

      Thanks for writing and for the feedback. If your question is about being a wedding planner and/or running a wedding planning business (i.e. unrelated to the post), the best place to ask that question is via voicemail — +1-202-681-2126 — or on this page, here. Answers to these types of questions are typically answered and posted on future Confetti episodes.

      If you’re providing feedback regarding a specific article, then by all means use the comment’s area on that article/post page.

      But getting back to your question, I do remember (and have) the comment that you posted on February 4, and since it was actually a general wedding planner question, my plan is to share an answer on an upcoming Confetti talk-show episode (I’ll do my best to let you know beforehand). I hope this helps.

      For more (rather dry) info about comments, click here. 🙂

  2. I had no idea planning a wedding took about 12 hours a week! My fiance and I are planning our wedding, and we are both way too busy to spend that kind of time planning. Maybe we will have to look into finding a wedding planner who can handle most of it for us and walk us through it.

    1. Hi Burt,

      Thanks for writing. Planning a traditional wedding certainly takes time. But, it really comes down to the size and type of event you’re planning. And, of course, how many months or weeks before the big day. If you can locate the right professional, you’ll save yourself tons of time.

      – Debbie

  3. Thanks for the information on wedding planners. My fiance has been considering hiring a planner for our wedding next year, but she hasn’t made up her mind yet. I didn’t realize that weddings take at least 12 hours a week of work. My fiance definitely doesn’t have that kind of time, so I will make sure she finds somebody to help her out!

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