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5 Reasons Why a Bride Might Hire a Wedding Planner

REASON #4: Hiring a wedding planner is a good idea for brides who: “Are Getting Married in a Far-off Location (i.e. some place other than where they live)”

Weddings away are exciting, fun…and complicated. Since many couples live and work away from their hometowns, and several others are planning destination weddings in exotic locales unfamiliar to either bride or groom, they’re likely unfamiliar with local venues and local wedding professionals.

If the destination is in another country there’s the added angst of dealing with and understanding local wedding license laws.

So, enter you, the wedding planner.

By hiring you, a professional wedding planner, (whether you’re based at the wedding location or you’re simply an expert located some place else who is familiar with the destination), technically you’re doing many of the same things you always do as a professional wedding planner: finding the right wedding vendors, managing the wedding budget, negotiating guest accommodations.

You also need to be familiar enough with the local specialties, locales and vibe and then creative enough to inject some of that culture into the festivities (that’s why they hired you, remember?).

The only thing that should be left for your couple and their guests to do is show up!

REASON #5: Hiring a wedding planner is a good idea for brides who: “Are Planning a Wedding in Six Months or Less”

Having 12 months or more to plan a wedding gives a bride some flexibility in selecting her wedding vendors. With less planning time she loses the ability to negotiate with service providers and may wind up paying more for services.

Availability is another issue with short-term planning. After all, there are only so many weekends in a month and the best vendors usually book up pretty quickly.

A wedding planner already has a shortlist of brilliant vendors and can quickly determine who is still available and can take it from there.

Also, the mere fact that you have a working relationship with such a large network of service providers means being able to call in a favor or two on behalf of your bride. (She’ll love you for it!)


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Comments on 5 Reasons Why a Bride Might Hire a Wedding Planner

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  1. Hi great site. I’m just starting a wedding planning business and recently I left a comment, but can’t find it to know if anyone replied.
    Is there a way to find out?
    Thanks 🙂


    1. Hi Ken,

      Thanks for writing and for the feedback. If your question is about being a wedding planner and/or running a wedding planning business (i.e. unrelated to the post), the best place to ask that question is via voicemail — +1-202-681-2126 — or on this page, here. Answers to these types of questions are typically answered and posted on future Confetti episodes.

      If you’re providing feedback regarding a specific article, then by all means use the comment’s area on that article/post page.

      But getting back to your question, I do remember (and have) the comment that you posted on February 4, and since it was actually a general wedding planner question, my plan is to share an answer on an upcoming Confetti talk-show episode (I’ll do my best to let you know beforehand). I hope this helps.

      For more (rather dry) info about comments, click here. 🙂

  2. I had no idea planning a wedding took about 12 hours a week! My fiance and I are planning our wedding, and we are both way too busy to spend that kind of time planning. Maybe we will have to look into finding a wedding planner who can handle most of it for us and walk us through it.

    1. Hi Burt,

      Thanks for writing. Planning a traditional wedding certainly takes time. But, it really comes down to the size and type of event you’re planning. And, of course, how many months or weeks before the big day. If you can locate the right professional, you’ll save yourself tons of time.

      – Debbie

  3. Thanks for the information on wedding planners. My fiance has been considering hiring a planner for our wedding next year, but she hasn’t made up her mind yet. I didn’t realize that weddings take at least 12 hours a week of work. My fiance definitely doesn’t have that kind of time, so I will make sure she finds somebody to help her out!

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