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Seating Arrangements Cheat Sheet

Clueless about — or can’t remember — how much space you need between each of your client’s wedding reception tables? Wouldn’t it be great to have a handy floorplan cheat-sheet to refer to?

Well, the clever folks at Planning Pod (the creators of the wedding planning software,  MyWeddingWorkBookPro, now known, simply, as Planning Pod) have apparently read your mind.

Check out their very cool infographic, below: ‘ The Quick Guide to Event Floorplans and Seating Arrangements.’

By the way, you can listen to Jeff Kear from Planning Pod on Confetti Episode #348.

Infographic on building event floor plans and seating arrangements from Planning Pod

Learn more on the Planning Pod blog.

Happy Planning!

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Comments on Seating Arrangements Cheat Sheet

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  1. I enjoy the seat planning on your web site but I need to know if you need a seating planning for just planning a reception only? one of my family member is having a reception only because the got married at the last minute.

    1. Hello Chris,

      Seating planning is helpful for a guest list of 100 or more. Anything less than that is totally up to you.

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