A buffet is a casual way to serve a large group of guests; a variety of dishes displayed on tables that guests can pick and choose from.

A buffet typically doesn't work for weddings held at venues with numerous small rooms.

Serving the wedding food buffet-style is just one of many ways to feed wedding guests.

But, one of the downsides is the wait time.  Ugh!

How to Avoid Long Lines at Your Wedding Buffet

https://rosascatering.com/catering/?p=135We’ve all been to a wedding where we’ve had the painful experience of waiting for what feels like an eternity before you get a chance to get your turn at the buffet. Get the full scoop on Rosa's Catering Blog

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Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
buffet (noun)
a blow especially with the hand
something that strikes with telling force
buffet (verb)
transitive verb
to strike sharply especially with the hand - cuff
to strike repeatedly - batter the waves buffeted the shore
intransitive verb
to drive, force, move, or attack by or as if by repeated blows to make one's way especially under difficult conditions
buffet (noun)
- sideboard
a) a counter for refreshments
b) chiefly British a restaurant operated as a public convenience (as in a railway station)
c) a meal set out on a buffet or table for ready access and informal service
buffet (adjective)
served informally (as from a buffet)
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