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LIVE! #359 – Help your Clients Find a Spot to Tie the Knot

During this episode you’ll pick-up several pro tips to help your clients find the right venue for their big day.

Where and when your clients hold their wedding dictates most of the rest of the planning. Not much else can happen without knowing the location and time of day for the event.



Take a moment to determine what your clients really need. (This may not match up with what they think they want!)

  • How many rooms do they need?
  • Do they need an area for the cocktail hour?
  • Will the ceremony and reception take place at the same location?
  • How many guests are they expecting?
  • What style wedding reception do they have in mind? Buffet? Sit-down? Champagne and cake?

Search for wedding venues online (of course), but keep in mind that most caterers and florists have the inside scoop on many of your area venues.

Pick up the telephone and contact venues, first.  During this phone screen you’ll often get an idea of the level of service you and your clients can expect face-to-face

Use a checklist of questions for your venue walk-through.

Take photos and shoot video (ask if it’s okay, first) using your mobile device.

Create a comparison of the venues best suited for your clients’ wedding.  Help them understand the pros and cons of each location — “this one has a great patio area for cocktails, but the dancefloor is rather small.”   Even though the final decision is theirs to make, it’s your role to help make sure it’s an intelligent one.

Always — instead of waiting until you have a paying client — keep an eye open for wedding venue alternatives in your hometown and surrounding areas. Think:

    • Restaurants
    • Local parks
    • Social halls
    • At home or a backyard

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