Dessert Buffet

Dessert Buffet

A ‘pastry table’ or ‘Viennese table’ has always been a part of big Italian weddings. A popular modern-day spin-off of that great concept is the dessert buffet.

A dessert buffet offers a selection of sweet treats–cookies, pies, tarts, Danish, éclairs, petit fours, fruit, and more–for wedding guests and adds a delightful touch to your client’s wedding reception.

The Details

A dessert buffet can be set up like a traditional buffet—where guests help themselves; or as centerpieces on individual guest tables; or butler-passed during the final hours of the reception. A stylish coffee station is just the thing to complement this novelty.

And here’s a tip for you, if your client is ever faced with a well-meaning friend or family member who wants to “do the wedding cake”, the dessert-buffet is an excellent comeback. It’s very easy for someone to get in over their heads during the wedding cake-making process. Instead, have that person get other family members and friends to help create a fabulous dessert buffet.

Even if you don’t need to use a dessert buffet as a “tactic”, having one is still a great idea. And if your clients don’t have family help (or prefer not to have it), consult with a baker (a grocery store baker will cost less) to make some of the items—just tell him/her what your clients want and their budget.

For warm-weather weddings, having a build-your-own-sundae station is another clever idea for a dessert buffet.

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