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Maybe one of these wedding planner niches is for you...

I am a HUGE advocate of specializing.  With a wedding planner niche or specialty, you’ll have less competition and will likely make more money.

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Here are four (4) not-so-obvious wedding planner specialties to consider

Niche #1: Offer All Inclusive Wedding Planning

Become a one-stop-shop for couples getting married in your area.

If you have your own venue, this is a no-brainer.  But what if you’re home-based?

Good question!  The answer is to bundle a group of wedding planner services from 3rd-party wedding vendors and offer one flat price to your clients.

Your clients pay you the wedding planner directly and you pay each wedding vendor for their services.  The difference is your profit.

Niche #2: Work with Select Local Wedding Venues, Only!

Limit the weddings that you plan to a handful (2 or 3) local wedding venues.  Weddings happening anywhere else are bespoke and are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

You become the wedding specialist for that particular venue.

The couples getting married pay your fee directly to you OR the venue may choose to tack it on to their own advertised wedding planning package.

Niche #3: Plan Pre- and Post-Wedding Celebrations

With this specialty, you won’t actually plan weddings.  Instead you’re the go-to person for engagement parties, bachelorette or bachelor parties, hen or stag nights, bridal showers, wedding rehearsal dinners and post-wedding brunch events.

Similar to the all-inclusive arrangement, you’ll need to spend time negotiating deals with area venues, entertainment, rental companies, etc.

Keep in mind your clients may not be the engaged couple.  Relatives and wedding party members – the folks who are likely to be hosting these types of events – need to know that you exist

Niche #4: Plan Speedy Weddings

A wedding planner who specializes in putting a wedding together in a matter of weeks instead of months certainly stands out!

Couples who are flexible and willing to do things differently – e.g. host a wedding on a weeknight, perhaps or forego some of the traditional ‘rules’ for tying the knot are ideal for this type of specialty.

Repeat after me: “There are Riches in Niches!”

A wedding planner niche is a good thing!  The wedding planning market is crowded.  Give yourself a chance and stand out by being different.

Once you settle on a niche, you must promote it…don’t bury it.  And, it’s okay to turn away potential business.  Every wedding is not for you.

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