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Q: How do I Select a Wedding Planner Niche? – WFAL390

beach wedding niche

With a wedding planning niche you get to plan the weddings you truly want to work on.

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Creating a niche for your business is nothing new.  We all know what an attorney does for a living and there are several attorneys out there.  But an attorney that specializes in patent law, for example, is a specialist.  If you need legal help with filing a patent, you’re likely to want to see the specialist…not a generalist.

Nevertheless, people are terrified of niches and specialists!  Scared that they’ll lose customers if they carve out one special area for their business.  I was one of those people.

As a wedding specialist you become more attractive to the right clients.  And let’s face it, there is no better reaction than when someone else sees your message; sees your website; reads your business card and says to themselves, “This is it!.  This is what I’ve been looking for!”

Clarity attracts money

By clearly defining what you do as a wedding planner specialist you’re setting yourself apart.

It becomes easier to market what you do and you forget all the other irrelevant noise and zone in the wedding industry. When you have a specialty you have less competition.  Less competition means you get the lion’s share of clients.  KA-Ching!!

The key, of course, is you’ve got to pick an area where the demand exceeds supply.  Once you do that, you’re on to a winner. The vast majority of wedding planners are still trying to develop their time and energy chasing the same clients.

Why don’t you go after a different kind of bride?

Use your style, background and passion to create a niche

There are lots of different ways that you can specialize and create a wedding planning niche.

Take some time to brainstorm on the types of weddings that you enjoy the most.  Forget your inhibitions for a moment and let your mind wander on things that are a part of you; things that you’re drawn to.

Once you come up with a niche, instead of revamping your entire website, create one page or a category and focus your specialty there. Include tips and suggestions and encourage visitors to contact you.  Include your office telephone number and/or email.

Next, buy a domain name that rings true to your specialty and redirect the URL to your specialty page or category.  This way you can highlight and promote this special URL everywhere — social media, postcards, word-of-mouth, etc. — to see what type of interest you receive.

If it turns out that your wedding niche is doing really well, then you can go through an entire website makeover.

Seriously consider a wedding planner specialty if don’t already have one and share your feedback in the comments, below, or on the Listener Talkback Line: +1-202-681-2126.



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Comments on Q: How do I Select a Wedding Planner Niche? – WFAL390

This Post Has 4 Comments
  1. I specialize in “Month of Coordination.” I am undercharging my clients and that is something that I really need to work on!! UGH!!! I want the work, so I lower my prices, but my time is valuable so I really need to stay tough and NOT negotiate with my clients anymore on price.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I know EXACTLY how you feel. But, as you mentioned, you’re time is valuable. If you’re offering a valuable service then stay away from negotiating on price since that shouldn’t be what sets you apart from other planners in your area.

      — Debbie

  2. Hi Debbie—I really enjoyed this topic—I am a newly certified wedding and event planner–I’ve been struggling with a wedding related niche and not sure how to get started—I want to focus on providing bridal couples with the foundation needed to create their dream wedding regardless of the budget—Basically I want to host a bridal workshop—From money saving tips to questions they should ask vendors–I have plenty of ideas, but unsure how to bring everything together

  3. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for writing and for your feedback.

    Meeting with and talking to local wedding professionals is a great way to see what needs are NOT being met in your area.

    Take some time to research if a bridal workshop is the answer. If it is, then, the next step is to decide if the fees from these workshops will satisfy your money goals. Or, perhaps it’s your plan to use the workshops as a marketing tool, only.

    Get the answers before you take the time, energy and money to head in this direction.

    — Debbie

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