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LIVE! Wedding Planner Roles, Social Media Help, Wedding Planner Success – WFAL377

Another great live show with lots of questions, comments, feedback and success stories for professional wedding planners.  We covered a lot of ground.

Here’s a recap of a few topics, but you’ll want to listen to the audio replay to catch all the details.

Listen to the Episode


Are wedding planners responsible for setting-up and breaking down a wedding?

Kathy is a new wedding planner whose wedding-day schedule was recently thrown off because of unforeseen tasks on her client’s wedding day.

It’s really important that you define what you are being hired to do for your clients.  If set-up and break down aren’t a part of the wedding planning service or package you’re providing, say so in your wedding planner’s contract.  Make everything crystal-clear for your clients right from the start.

How many weddings is too many for one weekend?

The number of weddings you’re comfortable planning per weekend or per month, has a lot to do with the level of wedding planner service that you provide —  for example, full-service vs. wedding-day coordinator and the number of people on your planning team.  Make sure you don’t over-extend yourself.

Is social media worth it for wedding planners?

Ken asked this question in our live chatroom.  The general consensus from our chatroom co-hosts was a resounding ‘yes!’ with Instagram and Facebook leading the way.  What about you?

What type of results are you getting for your wedding planning business with social media?  Let us know in the comments section! [Seriously, considering making this the focus of our next live show.]

Wedding Planner Success Story

Marisa is having tons of success by specializing as a LGBT wedding planner.  In fact, she has a wedding booked every month for the upcoming Spring and Summer wedding season!  Not to mention the local media has taken notice PLUS she’s up for a wedding planner award. Yay!!!

I love hearing this type of feedback.  Congratulations and Keep Going, Marisa!!

Unannounced Special Touches on the Wedding Day

Megan loves the idea of surprising her clients with little extras on their wedding day (me too!).  Decorating the honeymoon suite, serving light snacks for the bridal party as they’re getting ready and arranging a catering to-go box for the couple are a few ideas that topped the list.

What kinds of special touches are you putting in place?    Let us know what you do in the comments, below.

Wedding Business Promo Videos

Nicole needs ideas, opinions for a promo video for her wedding business. Personally, I prefer videos that are less polished and high on the authenticity scale. Would love to hear your thoughts.  Why not post them in the comments, below.


Links Mentioned

Wedding Business Guide – ‘How to Start and Run your very own Wedding Day Management Company’.  Click here to learn more.


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  1. Your Confetti episode was extremely helpful! I am so glad that I have found Weddings for a Living! It is a great resource for Wedding Planners.

    Each wedding I do, I learn new things, become more confident, and charge a little more.

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