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LIVE! Marketing Budget, Wedding Planning Academy, Mentors – WFAL375

Here’s the replay of our monthly, interactive Confetti LIVE! episode.  Thank you to everyone who sent in a question and to those of you who participated during the live event.  🙂



The Wedding Planning Academy in the UK.

Louise asked this question on the Listener Talkback Line [00:02:57]

Louise is in Europe and considering signing up for the UK-based Wedding Planning Academy.

I don’t have firsthand knowledge about this organization, but perhaps you do.  If you are an current student or instructor for the Wedding Planner Academy, please post your comments, below.

Just remember, that wedding planner certification isn’t a must. You can get started as a professional wedding planner without being certified.

**Check out Confetti Episode #374 for my rant thoughts in addition to reader/listener feedback on the topic of wedding planner certification.

How much to devote to branding and marketing your wedding business

This question was submitted by Rachel – [00:19:12]

Thankfully, marketing your wedding business takes a lot less money than it did years ago.

If you’re willing to devote time and you’re in this for the long haul, it’s possible to market your business organically — blogging about weddings, using social media, becoming the local wedding expert, etc.

I don’t have a magic number or percentage that one should devote to marketing, however, I do know that once your business is set-up, marketing almost becomes more important than mastering the skill of actually planning weddings.

How to stand out as a Wedding Planner

This question was sent in by Kinsholer – [00:27:18]

I believe, hands down that specializing is the key to standing out as a business owner. As the planner for your clients, simply showing up on time, having a system in place and looking like a professional also makes you stand out.

What to do when Wedding Vendors Don’t Follow-Up with You

This question was asked my Michelle [00:33:19]

Meeting with vendors and offering to help them out at an upcoming wedding is a great way to gain valuable wedding experience (a win for you) while providing the vendor with an extra pair of hands at an upcoming event (a win for them).

But what should you do if vendors aren’t taking you up on your generous offer?

Using car magnets to advertise your wedding planning business

Ketlene asked this question on the Listener Talkback Line [00:42:34]

I actually like the idea of this offline method to promote what you do.

Be sure to have either an easy-to-remember URL or telephone number so that passers-by can easily remember who you are and what you do.

If you have something free to offer — idea kit, a local wedding planning guide, an ebook — consider promoting this (assuming there’s space on the magnet), too.

How to find a mentor

In addition to our discussion on this episode, you can find more detailed info about finding a mentor on this earlier episode of Confetti. Just be sure that you’re clear about what your expectations are for a mentor.

Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Wedding Planning Academy – A UK-based wedding planner certification organization. Learn more, here.  (I hope this link is for the correct organization; seems to be identical to the Wedding And Event Institute…same company, perhaps?…)
  • The Wedding Planning Institute – A popular US-based wedding planner certification organization. Learn more here.
  • ‘How to Find a Mentor for your Wedding Business’ – Listen to Confetti episode #211, here.
  • Wedding Business Guide – Get access to video and audio tutorials, downloadable forms and templates and learn how to start your own wedding coordination business.  Click here to learn more about

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