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Thank you for the great wedding planner questions! (Please, keep ’em coming, by the way. I love hearing from you!).

During this episode of  Confetti, the Wedding Planning Business Talk Show, you’ll hear the answer to two (2) more listener/reader questions.



Am I (Debbie) an actual wedding planner or a blogger?

I started planning weddings for others, for a fee, in 2000. Since then, my involvement and love of weddings has taken me in a few different directions.

In fact, this site, Weddings For a Living, got its start as a bi-monthly ezine (an email newsletter) that I sent as a follow-up to the students I taught when I was an instructor for the Wedding Planning Institute.

So, yes, I still plan weddings. However, being a lead wedding planner isn’t my only gig at the moment (like it used to be).

Get the full story (or, at least a good portion of it) during the first part of this episode. 🙂

The ‘Need’ to Be a Certified Wedding Planner

There is no regulation in the wedding planning industry, and you can start your own wedding planning business today with virtually no requirements. So, why do some people get certified as wedding planners, anyway?

There’s nothing wrong with wedding planner certification, per se. But, there are no guarantees.

Truth is, most clients only need to believe you can help them with their wedding. Being a certified wedding planner might help that belief…but not as much as you might think.

Have a listen (this episode runs for 30 minutes or so) to hear more…

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Comments on LIVE! Do Clients Care if You’re Certified? – WFAL374


  1. I got Certified as a Wedding Planner at Broward College in Davie, Florida. I figured, it wouldn’t hurt to get Certified and I carry my Certificate with me and show to potential clients.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      So, all-in-all, has your wedding planner certification helped you in your wedding business? You mentioned that you figured ‘it wouldn’t hurt’; is certification the route you would recommend to other, new, wedding planners?

    1. Hey there Courtney,

      Thanks so much. I appreciate your support and feedback. 🙂 Happy Planning!!