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LIVE! #364 – Wedding Planner Chat

This was our first live episode of 2014.

You’ll hear:

  • What’s going on with Confetti – schedule change, upcoming topics
  • The importance of mastering the basics of being a wedding planner
  • Info about Wedding Planner’s Wedding Glossary
  • Answers to questions about contracts for destination weddings and for a wedding officiant
  • Answers to several other wedding planning business questions



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Confetti will air live on the first Saturday of each month. Please check the Confetti LIVE! page or the Events page for an updated schedule.

Many of us jump head first into launching a wedding planning business. Just remember that it’s important for you to have a grasp of the basics of what’s involved when it comes to planning weddings. Remember, couples are hiring you for your knowledge of weddings. Make sure you’re providing them with the info that they need from you.

Thankfully, today you can find several resources online about running a wedding planning business: Evolve your Wedding Business, Book More Brides, Planner’s Lounge and Be a Top Wedding Planner are just a few. If you haven’t discovered these great resources already, I plan on sharing links to these and more on the Weddings for a Living website in the coming months.

If you’re looking for a wedding job or need to post an opening for a wedding job, visit

Looking for an affordable and really impressive way to manage your incoming and outgoing telephone calls for your wedding business? You’ve GOT to check out This is the service that I’ve used for my business for 10+ years, now! Visit for a free 30-day trial (and pleae let me know what you think).

A HUGE thank you to Cheryl Bailey of Wedding Industry Rescue (love that name) who reached out to me via email. Sounds like another great resource for us wedding planners to check out.

Your Wedding Planner Questions, Answered

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the questions we addressed during this episode.  Listen to the audio replay to hear the complete responses.

Sandra asked for help with a wedding contract for a destination wedding.  Although I don’t have a specific destination wedding contract, you can find a sample letter of agreement, here.  Use this to get started and then have a local attorney review and add the specifics that s/he deems necessary for your area.

Angela asked the question, ‘Debbie, when you started your business, did you start as a sole proprietor or an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)?’.  I operated my business as a sole proprietor for several years before forming an LLC.

Lauren wanted to know, ‘How do you handle meeting clients at a public place like a coffee shop?’.  The key is to prepare by scouting out a few favorite spots, beforehand.

Tracey asked for help with finding clients for her wedding business. However, she failed to share any specifics of her business or wedding specialty. 🙁  Without specifics, it’s hard to answer questions like that.

Shah wanted to know whether or not it’s okay for her to use the photographer’s photos on her blog without getting permission beforehand, even though she plans to include the photographer’s info as an image credit.

Brenda Sue needed help with her response to clients who ask her for references even though she’s a brand new wedding planner.  Don’t discredit any special events or weddings that you’ve planned in the past for family members and friends.  Ask them to write a testimonial for you!

Jillian shared a great tip about the styled photo shoot she and several other newbie wedding planners put together to highlight their wedding businesses.  Love that idea!  Thanks, Jillian.

Tina asked for my feedback about whether I thought planners have more success finding clients from wedding vendors or area bridal shows.

By the way, are you building a comprehensive list of preferred wedding vendors in your area?  You really should be.  (This was another important topic that came up.) You’ll hear how easy it is to do this toward the end of the episode.

If you have a question that you’d like answered during an upcoming Confetti episode, please call the Listener Talkback link: +1 202-681-2126 or go to the Ask Debbie page to leave your message there.


Audible – Download and keep a free audiobook when you visit – the service I’ve used for years to manage my business telephone calls. Visit for a 30-day free trial.

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