LIVE! #360 – Doing Business with DIY Brides

During this episode we focus on a response to a wedding planning business question left on the listener talkback line and my thoughts on discounting your wedding planner services.



As a wedding planner, how do I get clients when I’m based in an area where everyone plans their own weddings?

Mykia is living in an area where the mothers, sisters, mother-in-laws of anyone planning wedding take on the role of wedding wedding planner!  Hiring someone else to do the job isn’t what folks do there.

What should Mykia do? [Listen beginning at 9:44]


    • There has to be a demand for the wedding service you plan on providing.  Is there?
    • Find out what people want – conduct a local survey
    • Position yourself as THE local wedding planning expert
    • Educate couples about what a wedding planner does – don’t assume that they know

Do you live in an area where hiring a wedding planner isn’t the ‘norm’?  Have you figured out a way to work with area DIY-ers?

*Please, leave your feedback in the comments, below.

Do you discount your wedding planning services for friends and family?

We’ve all done it.  And, we almost always regret it.

Instead of discounting your professional wedding planner services, add stuff on!  Listen to the audio replay [beginning at the 26:30 minute mark] for tips.


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Comments on LIVE! #360 – Doing Business with DIY Brides


  1. Thanks Debbie! I’m just noticing that you responded to my question! I greatly appreciate the advice. You have given me some excellent insight and it has helped me tremendously. I will definitely look into conducting a survey and I am even consider moving to a more metro area like Houston. Thank you, so much!