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#351 – Meet Athena Devonne,a Resourceful Wedding Planner

Being resourceful is almost a requirement if you’re planning weddings for others.  You gotta figure out how to make things work.

So, today’s episode focuses on that very topic: being resourceful.  You’ll hear from a wedding planner (whose middle name should be resourceful!) and a great wedding design resource for your wedding business.  (Personally, I thought I was darn clever coming up with those tie-ins.)



Another Limited-Time Wedding Design Deal

I mentioned Event Pro Training in a previous Confetti episode.  This is the company that provides on-demand videos that show you how to create stunning designs — you know, draping, centerpieces and more — for your client’s wedding and special events.

Well, wouldn’t you know it… they’ve come up with another great promo!

If you’re in the business of styling and/or designing weddings and special events for your clients, getting your hands on a list of wholesale suppliers is priceless.   Knowing this, Wendy Binns, the owner of EventPro Training has done the hard work for you and offers her years of experience and industry contacts in the form of an Insider’s Wholesale list.

Best of all, for a limited time, you can get your hands on that list for a HUGE discount.  Go to to learn more.

Meet Athena..

One of my favorite things about Confetti is the interaction, during the live broadcasts,  in the show’s live chat room.   It’s the perfect opportunity to meet others who are passionate about planning weddings.

Although this episode was not a live broadcast, today, I’d like to introduce you to one of our very active Confetti chat room participants:  Athena Devonne.

Athena is the  owner of Coalesce Creations a Dallas, Texas-based wedding and event design and planning company (although she plans to expand her services beyond her current location).

I spoke with Athena in May 2013 and she agreed to share her journey and experiences as a wedding planner with you.

What’s really impressive about this ‘go-getter’ is that instead of waiting for things to be 100% perfect, she just goes out there and gets things done!

She isn’t waiting.  (And, neither should you!)

And, based on our follow-up conversations, that strategy is working for Athena and her wedding business.  She’s finding clients!  And, isn’t that what we all want?

So, please, take a moment to listen to our conversation.  I’m sure  I know you’ll take away something positive from what you hear.  I certainly did. 🙂


Are you on the Confetti Text List?  – If you’re in the U.S. we can send you a text message whenever a new Confetti show is about to air or posted. Simply text the word CONFETTI to 71411.

EventProTraining – Interested in creating eye-popping designs for clients in your area.  EventPro Training provides a variety of on-demand, how-to event design videos.  Contact owner, Wendy Binns, to get a special ‘Confetti’ deal on their all-access membership.  Learn more about EventPro Training, here.

Wedding Business Guide – Ready to start your Wedding Planning Business?  Here’s a resource that shows you, step-by-step how to do just that…without quitting your day job.  Learn more about Wedding Business Guide, here.

Coalesce Creations – Learn more about Athena Devonne’s company, Coalesce Creations right, here.

Listen to Confetti Radio on iTunes – Here’s the link to the show’s Apple Podcast page.

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Comments on #351 – Meet Athena Devonne,a Resourceful Wedding Planner

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  1. I’m so happy to see Athena featured! So excited that I’m commenting as I’m listening. No doubt, Athena will do great things in this industry. I’m just happy to be able to watch this beautiful flower blossom! Way to go, Athena!!!!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEBBIE QUAIN! This opportunity is so awesome. I finally can hear myself on the radio… crazy lol:) (radio and video sound different lol). Even though I am the one talking… its funny I learned new things about myself. So yes I took something away from it. Plus the feed back I’ve received really lets me know I’m on track for my main goal… which is to be an inspiration to others just starting out!

    1. Hey Athena,

      The pleasure was all mine. And, I know firsthand what you mean about listening to your own voice. Takes some getting use to. 🙂

      Happy to hear you’re getting positive feedback. Although it’s no surprise; you shared lots of great info. Keep going!


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