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LIVE! #350 – Answers to your Wedding Planning Business Questions

When you’re starting or running your own wedding planning business, there are so many questions.

On this episode I do my best to address a few of them.



Joy is an experienced wedding planner, based in Chicago, who has been out of the industry for a while and ready to get back in the swing of things. She wants to know if I have any suggestions.

Rimla sent in two (2) great questions about receiving commissions from other wedding vendors and also needed clarification about accepting vendor payments on behalf of her clients.

SH has always had a passion for event decor and since her year-long involvement with planning her own nuptials is struggling with fulfilling her dream of being a wedding planner…

Partha asked a basic but very popular question: “How do I find a constant supply of brides?”

Karen shared a really cool one-of-a-kind niche within our industry that focuses on wedding attire.

Crystal telephoned in to ask what are the top things she needs to have in place to get her new wedding business off the ground.

A H-U-G-E thank you to those of you who participated (and helped me out) in the live chatroom for this episode.   Truly, truly appreciate you.

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Comments on LIVE! #350 – Answers to your Wedding Planning Business Questions

This Post Has 6 Comments
  1. I have one question for you should I take some classes on wedding planning and if yes where should I go.

    1. Hi Janet,

      Not sure if you’re asking about wedding planner certification. If so, there several out there. I don’t have a personal recommendation, I’m afraid. I’m a former instructor for the Wedding Planning Institute, but it’s been a few years, now. Sorry to be so vague.


  2. I am a inspiring wedding planner I want to pursue a business in it where do I begin to get clients and what are some things I medd to get started how do I get decorations for the wedding etc.

  3. It is less than 90 days to the wedding and I I have not been asked for bridesmaids measurements for my dress and the bride isn’t taking any questions and the maid of honor is non responsive, and the mother always says ask the bride….what should I do?

    1. Tracy,

      I’m assuming you’re the professional wedding planner in this scenario, right? If so, what guidelines does your wedding planner contract (or your policy and procedure document) specify regarding communication with clients during the planning process? Was this discussed beforehand?

      – Debbie

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