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LIVE! #344 – Working with DIY Brides

Why are so many wedding planners determined to work with Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Brides?  What’s the appeal?

When you think about it, it really doesn’t make much sense (to me).  The very nature of being a DIY-er means that that individual doesn’t want to hire a professional, right?

So, again, why do so many of us make this group of independent brides-to-be our target?’



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Comments on LIVE! #344 – Working with DIY Brides

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  1. I have my first bride and she is a DIY bride and it is because of her lack of a budget. It is a challenge and it would be much easier if you just went with a vendor to do all. Instead she wants to do 10 different things for her food to save money. To me it is so much more to keep up with and a lot easier to make a mistake. I am not against being crafty or putting a personal touch on your wedding but I would think choosing one aspect. Not food, decorations and flowers. Way too over whelming.

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