LIVE! #341 – Picking a Domain Name for your Wedding Business


Coming up with a succinct title for this week’s live episode was tricky! We covered a variety of really great wedding business topics including:

  • What to do when the domain name that you want for your wedding planning business isn’t available
  • Working with a friend to create an additional ‘branch’ or office for an existing wedding planning business
  • Paying others — wedding planners — to ‘work’ your weddings
  • …and more.

Listener FeedBack

A HUGE thank you to Diana of Just In Time Events, for leaving such great feedback on the Confetti Listener TalkBack Line. (I love hearing from you!)

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Wedding Planning Business Domain Names

Getting your exact wedding planning business domain name or URL is ideal.  But if the URL that you want isn’t available what should you do?  Listen to the episode for a few suggestions.

Lonrae wondered about using a free website for a wedding planning business.  Personally, I believe that as a professional wedding planner, you need to have a website that you have complete control over.  That means owning your own domain name (completely affordable) and paying for your own website hosting (also, completely affordable).

I use Hostgator to host my websites.  Here’s a Hostgator coupon code [WBGhosting] that will give you hosting for a penny for your first month.

**To learn more about creating and hosting your own website, here’s a ‘Create your Own Website’ class on the Wedding Business Guide.

A Wedding Franchise?

Candace asked a great question in the Live chatroom about setting up an additional branch of an existing wedding business, owned by a friend in another town.  Should she, or shouldn’t she…?

Working with a friend who is also a wedding planner might be the way to go. But like any long-term relationship, think it through.  Speak to a local attorney and draft out an official document (think pre-nup for a business) so that each of you is clear about everything!

Paying your Wedding-Day Staff

So, exactly, how much do you pay other wedding planners who are working your client’s wedding?  Well, it depends…on their wedding planning experience and how much money you need to make.  There isn’t one correct answer.  I have a few guidelines that might be helpful, but as the owner of your wedding planning business, you’ll need to take some time to determine what works best for you.

Wedding Planning Business Insurance

Do you need insurance to protect to your Wedding Planning Business?  The Hartford provides business insurance for wedding planners.  You can learn more, here.


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Comments on LIVE! #341 – Picking a Domain Name for your Wedding Business


  1. Hi Debbie,
    Thank you very much for all the great information.
    I would like to know if you know of a wedding planner in the Atlanta area that can mentor me or that I can shadow.
    I am very new to the industry and would like to gain some experience.
    Thank you.
    Cheryl S