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#337 – Meet Colleen Bauer, Day-of Wedding Coordinator

Ever considered being a day-of wedding coordinator? You know, working with organized brides who have done most of their own wedding planning, but who understand that their role on the wedding day is NOT running around trying to set-up centerpieces. This is where YOU come in!



I’d like you to meet someone who is doing just that. Colleen Bauer is the owner of ‘A Bride’s Fairy Godmother’, a California-based wedding planning company with a focus on wedding-day management.

During this episode learn:

  • How Colleen finds event assistants to help manage her client’s Big Day
  • The importance of knowing who your target bride is
  • The benefits of running a part-time wedding planning business while still working a full-time job
  • and more…



A Bride’s Fairy Godmother – Learn more about Colleen Bauer and her wedding company, A Bride’s Fairy Godmother, here.

Wedding Business Guide – Ready to start your own part-time wedding planning business?  Go to Wedding Business Guide and get downloadable forms, access to audio and video tutorials and more and get started, already! 🙂

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Comments on #337 – Meet Colleen Bauer, Day-of Wedding Coordinator

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  1. Really enjoyed the episode as always! All last week, I came across fellow wedding professionals who have full time jobs but, are able to conduct their wedding planning business, and to be honest I didn’t know that was possible, but understanding the importance of why, and the ability to do so….Listening to this episode is confirmation, and listening to Colleen’s business model with the coordinators and assistants set up is a model I’ve been thinking to utilize in my business as well. Great interview, I can’t wait to hear the update on Colleen to see if she has truly become full-time.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Happy to hear you enjoyed Colleen’s story. It truly is possible to get started as a wedding planner part-time.

      Like you, I look forward to learning more about Colleen’s progress in the future.

      Thanks for your feedback! 🙂


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