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LIVE! #326 – How to Get Bridal Leads

One of the most frequently-asked questions from wedding planners is “How do I get more leads for my wedding planning business?”

Listen to this short-but-sweet episode to get the answer.

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Comments on LIVE! #326 – How to Get Bridal Leads

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  1. Hi Debbie ~ just found out about your show today and I’ve listened to a few segments already. As someone who is just starting my own bridal consultanting business, I have found the content of your shows very helpful in helping me focus on who I want to serve. I feel like I already knew who my ideal client is, but you’re helping me see that I can take that to a deeper level and target my marketing more.

    Thank you ! I am looking forward to listening to more. Thank you for what you do.

    ~ Julie

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Just listen to the Leads segment, Love, it love it….. Makes perfect sense. I immediately thought of my target market or what would describe my wedding bride as (The Norstrom Rack) client. She likes luxury and has sophisticated edge to her but loves to save money too. Does that sound crazy???? As a mom of 3 and being budget minded, I love NORDSTROMS, but why not goto the same store with the same labels and quality but pay less, This is a win win…..

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I think you awesome! I listen to your show when ever you send a reminder. I am a wedding planner based in South Africa . Cherry Bling Events. I have learned alot through your show. Thank you.


    1. Hello Nellie,

      All the way from South Africa, huh? Love that! Thanks so much for your feedback. It’s great to hear that you’re learning lots from the show. Keep going!


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