is an information-packed treasure trove of online talk show (podcast) episodes and more for new and soon-to-be professional wedding planners.

Each episode of the talkshow is hosted by Debbie Quain, a ‘recovering' wedding planner and former instructor for the Wedding Planning Institute.

If you're brand spanking new to the wedding planning industry and are wondering how, exactly, you can make a living planning weddings,  then you're in the right place. YOU are the person this site was created for.


How can I listen to/download an episode?
Archived show episodes are available on the website.

Each individual episode page includes show notes (i.e. details and links mentioned in an episode) and episode playback options; you can either:

  • Play the episode directly from the episode page,
  • Play the episode in a separate window (the best option if you want to view other pages while you listen), OR
  • Download the episode mp3 file to your device.

Archived episodes of the show are also available on iTunes.

When is the next episode or live show?
Episode 400 was the last episode to be recorded. Currently, there are no immediate plans to record additional episodes (sorry).
Some of the episodes are identified as 'Confetti' episodes. What is 'Confetti'?
Confetti was the name of the flagship LIVE! wedding planning business talk show . Each episode was broadcast live with listeners and viewers (primarily new wedding planners) who actively participated in a live online chat room. This live show format transitioned into an offline format (just me, Debbie, and a microphone). You can listen to the Confetti LIVE! replays here.
I have a question about being a wedding planner, can you help?
The best way to get an answer to your wedding planner question is to send me, Debbie, a message. Simply complete the form on the contact page and I'll do my best to get you an answer via email.
Debbie, are you actively planning weddings?
Great question! As of 2017, I no longer offer full-service wedding planner services. When it comes to weddings, being a civil celebrant and managing the occasional ‘day-of' wedding gig is just about all that I have time for.
Why did you start
Weddings For a Living began as a bi-weekly, email newsletter for new and aspiring professional wedding planners – primarily a resource for the students in my class at the Wedding Planning Institute.  The archived editions of the newsletter are the articles found on this website.  A few years later, I launched the first LIVE! online talk show for wedding planners: Confetti. The archived episodes of that talk show are here on this website.
Where's the best place to begin on this website?
Admittedly, there's a lot of info to work your way through.  And until I complete a ‘Start Here' guide (coming soon, I promise!), here's what you can do:

I hope Weddings for a Living provides answers to all your wedding planner questions and needs.  Thanks so much for being here.  Love and Success!

–Debbie Quain, founder