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LIVE! #340 – 7 Indispensable Wedding Planner Books

If you're planning weddings for others then I'm guessing you have a collection of wedding planning books.  I certainly do.

During this episode I share seven (7) of my favorite wedding planning books (in no particular order, by the way).  And of course, there are so many more books that I classify as ‘favorite', but we'd be here forever if I listed them all!



Wedding Planner Book #1 – Great for Newbie Wedding Planners

If you're new to the wedding planning industry, this is THE book to get you started.  You'll be happy to find helpful checklists and information that's presented in an easy-to-grasp way.  You have the option to download the electronic version of this book from the FabJob site or purchase the paperback.  You can check out the ‘FabJob Guide to Become a Wedding Planner', here.

Wedding Planner Book #2 – Solid Textbook Wedding Management

‘Wedding Planning and Management by Carrie Loveless & Maggie Daniel
Although priced higher than what you might expect, this book covers a lot of ground not just about weddings, but in understanding how you, as a wedding planner manages the planning process.  At the end of each chapter you'll find a series of review questions to make sure you get the gist of all the key points.  You'll also learn lots from the case studies sprinkled throughout the book.  Learn more about the ‘Wedding Planning and Management' book, here.

Wedding Planner Book #3  – Wedding Design Inspiration

Style Your Dream Wedding
List Price: $49.99
Price Disclaimer
Style your Dream Wedding' by Susie Coelho

The size and weight of this book places it in the ‘coffee table' category.  But it's way more than just a look-book.  If you're stuck on ideas for your client's beach wedding or are unsure what type of flowers work well for a whimsical wedding, you'll get the help you need with this one.  Learn more about ‘Style your Dream Wedding‘, here.

Wedding Planner Book #4 – The Dessert Table ‘Bible'

Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas‘Sweet Designs: Bake it, Craft it, Style it‘ by Amy Atlas.

As I mentioned during an earlier Confetti episode about stylish wedding reception food styles, dessert tables are crazy popular right now.  Thankfully, Amy Atlas takes you by the hand and gives you all the need-to-know info to create some amazing dessert-scapes of your own.  You'll get recipes, craft instructions and styling guidelines. I'm itching to try one of these projects for myself.  Get your copy of ‘Sweet Designs', here.




Wedding Planner Book #5 – A Wedding Planner's Encyclopedia

‘Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette' by Peggy Post

When you're faced with a potential faux pas or simply can't remember if the maid-of-honor sits to the right or left of the groom at the head table, this is the go-to resource to have on your bookshelf.  And even though things are way more relaxed, now, when it comes to weddings, as a professional wedding planner, your clients expect you to know what's traditionally done…and what isn't. Learn more about ‘Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette.'


Wedding Planner Book #6 – Help for Home Weddings


‘Do it for Less Weddings‘ by Denise Vivaldo

Because I'm in love with smaller, intimate weddings that happen at home, this book has been a favorite for years.  Although geared to ‘save money', it really has more to do with creating wonderful menus and then how to create the recipes — for crowds up to 75 — in an easy-to-follow way.  You'll also find great tips for setting up beverages, creating affordable centerpieces and more for your client's wedding. Check out the ‘Do it For Less! Weddings' book, here.




Wedding Planner Book #7 – Magical Wedding Inspiration

‘Preston Bailey's Fantasy Weddings' by Preston Bailey

Who doesn't love the magical work of Preston Bailey?  Although this is definitely a look-book, great inspiration and ideas are sure to surface after flipping through just a few of the pages.  I've created several silk floral topiaries and other designs based on what I've seen in this book.  Beyond that, Preston is someone who has been a great personal cheerleader for my progress in this crazy world of weddings.  [Love you, Preston!] Learn more about ‘Preston Bailey's Fantasy Weddings' book, here.


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