A Practical Wedding – Book Review

A wedding doesn’t — and really shouldn’t — mean spending way beyond a couple’s means.

It’s quite possible to produce a wonderful and practical wedding and Meg Keene’s A Practical Wedding proves this.

Actually, it was my search for help with a home wedding that led to my discovery of the website, APracticalWedding.com.  The site is amazing and I wasted no time getting the book.

If your focus is working with smaller wedding budgets, this book is what you need.  Meg has a great sense of humor and it’s evident throughout each of the chapters.

For many of us wedding planners, the goal is to have our name associated with a HUGE wedding production, right? But, to be honest, I am much more in love with the idea of an affordable, meaningful celebration.  Those weddings are the weddings that leave me smiling and simultaneously fighting back tears and A Practical Wedding will show you exactly how to plan one.

Kindle or Paperback?

I’m always apprehensive about buying the digital version of wedding planning books because I worry that I’ll miss out on great illustrations.  After reading through the print version first, though, I realized that images aren’t a concern with this book, so, I sprung for the Kindle version.


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