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Monsoon Wedding (2001) Film Review

Monsoon Wedding is a delightful film about a middle-class, Indian family in the throes of planning a ‘big fat’ Punjabi wedding during monsoon season in Delhi, India .

The film sheds light on both the traditional (an arranged marriage) and the modern (the groom is an engineering student living in Texas, US) wedding preparations and events leading up to the big day.

What truly makes this movie great are the back stories mixed in amidst a colorful cast of characters — including one of my favorites, the loveable, marigold-eating, wedding planner, Dubey —  so, there’s never a dull moment.

Although this film is by no means your comprehensive guide to planning an Indian wedding, you’ll definitely pick-up on a number of traditional Indian wedding rituals and Indian culture.

I love films like this — an authentic, romantic comedy with a good dose of drama…all centered around a wedding.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this!

Check out Monsoon Wedding, here.


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