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LIVE! The Same-Sex Wedding Dilemma – WFAL385

Same sex wedding topper

Should working with same-sex couples be a choice for professional wedding planners?  The answer to this question fueled a lively, LIVE! wedding planner online chat and debate session.



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Discussed During this Episode

  • Should wedding planners who choose not to plan same-sex weddings get out of the wedding industry?
  • Is refusing to serve same-sex couples akin to refusing to do business with clients of a certain race, ethnic group or religion?
  • And, if you’re not comfortable working with same-sex couples, what should you say when someone contacts you for help with planning a same-sex wedding?
  • Rachel works with Christian couples who have refused to work with her because of the same-sex weddings that she has worked on in the past.
  • Marisa Tristan, an LGBT wedding planner specialist, suggests simply saying, ‘I’m not available’ if, for whatever reason, you chose not to plan a same-sex wedding.

If you can, try and listen to the entire episode.  There are so many nuggets of helpful information that our live co-hosts provided in the chatroom.  And, of course, share your comments, below and/or leave a voice message on the listener talkback line: +1 202-681-2126

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