Traditionally, an usher escorts female wedding guests to their seats at the wedding ceremony.

Ushers are busy guys at the wedding. They're expected to:

  • Arrive early at the wedding ceremony site
  • Unroll the aisle runner
  • Be familiar with the wedding ceremony seating arrangements
  • Escort guests to their seats

An usher may also serve the role of groomsman which involves being a part of the wedding procession and standing at the altar with the groom.

Some ushers may also make a toast and post-reception may play a part in hooking up the getaway car.

what does an usher do

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
usher (noun)
a) an officer or servant who has the care of the door of a court, hall, or chamber
b) an officer who walks before a person of rank
c) one who escorts persons to their seats (as in a theater)
archaic an assistant teacher
usher (verb)
transitive verb
to conduct to a place
to precede as an usher, forerunner, or harbinger
intransitive verb
to cause to enter - introduce a new theory ushered into the world to serve as an usher - usher at a wedding
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