Marriage License

Marriage License

A marriage license gives a couple the authorization to get married.

In the United States, a marriage license is issued at the state or county level.

Many states require a waiting period between the date the couple applies for a marriage license and the actual wedding date.  Also, in some states, marriage licenses do expire, so advise your clients not to apply too early.

Witnesses are required to sign the license at the ceremony (sometimes before). The person performing or officiating is responsible for sending a signed copy of the marriage license to the issuing county or state after the wedding ceremony.

Once the marriage is recorded, the state or county clerk sends the marriage certificate to the newlyweds.

At a minimum, as a professional wedding planner, familiarize yourself with your local county and state laws about applying for a marriage license.   And be sure to add the marriage license application process as a “to-do” item on your client’s (and your) wedding checklist.

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