Civil Ceremony

A bare-bones, short, wedding ceremony is known as a civil ceremony.  Think courthouse wedding.

The order of service for a civil ceremony is based on the Book of Common Prayer minus the religious references.

Who can preside over a civil ceremony? A judge, non-denominational clergy, justices of the peach, court clerks and mayors are all contenders to perform a civil ceremony.  Check with your local marriage bureau.

A civil ceremony is ideal for couples who have no affiliation with a formal religion.

By the way, civil wedding doesn't equal run-of-the-mill or boring. Take a peek at the coverage for this Parisian civil ceremony. With some thought and creativity, a civil wedding can be as spectacular as any other!

Super Chic Civil Wedding in Paris intimate civil ceremony, followed by macaroons and Champagne in a cafe (how French!) and then a day spent taking in the sites, before hitting a nightclub to party. This wedding is just effortless. Read more…

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