What is an Ascot or Ascot Tie?

An ascot or ascot tie, sometimes referred to as a cravat, is a double-knotted tie worn with a pin. The ascot is typically worn for daytime, formal weddings.


Guide to Ascot ties seen as the attire of the super suave and dandy, the Ascot is the gentleman’s accessory to lift your style to the next level.  Read more…


Here's a wonderfully informative article about the various tie options — including the sophisticated ascot — for a wedding.

How to Select Stylish Wedding Neckties a glamorous and formal “White Tie Attire ,” daytime wedding , the male guests and men of the wedding party wear gray morning coats, black and gray striped trousers, a crisp wing-collared shirt and a black or white ascot. Read more…

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
ascot (noun)
a broad neck scarf that is looped under the chin
Ascot (geographical name)
village England in Berkshire of London - S SW
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