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During this episode of the wedding planning business talk show, we focus on how and why planning weddings with a 90-day or less turnaround might just be a great wedding planner niche for you.



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Pop-Up Weddings?

Although the concept isn’t new, the idea of running a pop-up business — a time-limited venture with clear start and end dates — is in the spotlight right now.

Could you create a pop-up wedding business?   Absolutely!

And, if you’re asking, ‘What is a pop-up wedding?’  Think courthouse wedding or elopement but with a tons more personality.   (See the links, below)

Create a Plan and Systems for your Wedding Planning Business

Before you leap into planning weddings for others, as with any business, you need a plan!

Whether it’s a traditional, multi-page business plan or a simpler document with bullet points that specifies your plans for operations, pricing, marketing, etc….you need to take some time figure these items out BEFORE you start looking for clients.

How are you Quoting your Wedding Fees?

If there seems to be a disconnect with the types of weddings you’d like to plan versus the types of clients that you’re meeting with, try quoting the average cost ‘per guest’ instead of quoting the total wedding budget of your typical client.

Mentioned in this Episode

Pop-up Wedding specializes in pop-up weddings in the Metro Washington DC area.

The Pop-Up Wedding – This Australia-based company has made a splash with pop-up weddings. Visit their website to learn more.

Start your Wedding Planning Business – Get help with starting your own Wedding Day Coordination company.  Visit to learn more.

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