LIVE! #361 – Working with Unreasonable Wedding Clients

Hear the answers to two (2) listener wedding planning questions:

“I Walked Away from My Wedding Clients!  Did I do the Right Thing?”



Vanessa explained that she had no choice but to end her contracted relationship as wedding planner when her clients turned out to be completely unreasonable.

It’s going to happen.  You’re going to wind up working with clients who are less-than-ideal.  What do you do?

First, pay attention to your gut instinct when you’re meeting with prospects for the first time.  Don’t feel forced to work with every client that comes your way.

Next, once your prospects become clients, set the tone for your working relationship with a policy and procedures document.

Finally, consider including a clause in your wedding planner contract that states that all work on the wedding will cease if you’re unable to fulfill your role as their wedding planner if your clients fail to communicate with you about key decisions.  See a local attorney about how to word this!

UPDATE: This article about dealing with angry clients is also worth reading.

“I Want to Start a Wedding Planning Business? Where do I Begin?”

Rhonda is an aspiring wedding planner and asked a great question in the comments section of an earlier Confetti Episode about getting started in the wedding planning business.

Here’s what I suggest:

Decide what type of wedding planner service that you’d like to provide to couples.

Be honest about which area or type of wedding that you’re drawn to — same-sex weddings, destination weddings, wedding design only, etc. — and seriously consider building your wedding business around that area or specialty.  Why?  When you specialize you instantly standout and in turn attract more clients and interest about your business.

Don’t wait until everything’s in order for your new wedding venture.  Start creating content about weddings, now with a wedding blog. As you learn more about the wedding industry, share a piece of that knowledge with others.  Before you know it, you’ll have a comprehensive online resource to direct your potential clients to.

Finally, when you’re ready to move forward, listen to episode “#210 – “10 Things you Should Do Before Launching your Wedding Planning Business”


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