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LIVE! #347 – Marketing Beyond your Wedding Website

For this episode we spent some time recapping episode 346 about accepting credit cards (sorry for being redundant).

I addressed a great question about the numbering of archived Confetti episodes.



wedding-planner-referral-w-15510_377x210But, our main focus, today, was a reminder that we, as wedding planners, provide an offline service.  This means we need to be so much more than our wedding business website.

Yes, brides are looking for us online.  Yes, social media has a huge impact for what we do.

But, in order for you to be the local wedding go-to person/company, people in your community need to meet you, see you and communicate with you, offline!

It’s like that great tagline says: you have to: “reach out and touch someone!”

Because the service that you provide is so personal, your clients have to actually like you, first!  As a wedding planner, you have to be likeable.  There’s no getting around that.

Your wedding business website will certainly get the ball rolling, but it’s YOU that seals the deal.  So, give folks the opportunity to meet you, in the flesh! 🙂

We also addressed a question from Tina in the live chatroom about planning weddings for friends…for free.


This tragic story about the bride-to-be and others who died in a limo fire is unbelievably sad.

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