LIVE! #323 – Wedding Cake Tips for Wedding Planners

Your clients will spend as much time choosing the look and flavor of their wedding cake as they do on other significant elements of their wedding.  Make sure you’re prepared to guide them along the way.

In this episode of Confetti, the wedding planning business talk show, we’re talking wedding cakes.  Learn the basics and a few helpful wedding cake tips that you can share with your bridal clients, including:

  • The basics of what makes a wedding cake spectacular (so that you connect with the cake maker)
  • How to highlight the cake-cutting ceremony
  • How to help your budget-conscious clients spend less on their wedding cake…and much more!




Here’s what you need to know about wedding cake icing.

Buttercream consists of butter, sugar & eggs.

  • Fluffy. Light & quite delicious!
  • Can and will melt – Not for hot months/environments
  • Not for hot climate – will melt!
  • Less expensive than fondant
  • Many wedding cake styles look just as good finished in buttercream

Fondant is the ‘secret sauce’ to picture-perfect wedding cakes. It’s ingredients include sugar, corn syrup and gelatin to create a smooth, velvet-like appearance

  • Very popular for modern brides
  • Taste is so-so
  • Not cheap! Famously difficult to work with; takes longer to apply
  • Unless your clients are having an architecturally complex confection, skip fondant.

Royal Icing consists of confectioners sugar and egg whites

  • Meringue, dries very hard, very quickly!
  • Piped with icing bag, very intricate design

Marzipan – Popular in Europe, marzipan resembles fondant. This cake covering is a light, golden color and made from almond paste — sugar, eggs and crushed almonds.

  • Rolled like fondant into sheets placed over cake before it’s iced
  • Make fruits/edible sculptures

Whipped Cream (a personal favorite…yum!) is the ideal covering for wedding cakes with sweet fillings.

  • Not as sweet as buttercream
  • Must remain in fridge until the last possible minute

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