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#223: Wedding Planning Business Tools

Here are some of the tools that I have found to be really helpful in running a wedding planning business:


Wedding Planning Business Tool #1: Business Telephone Solution

It’s amazing how technology changes everything.  Just a few short years ago, using your mobile phone as a business line was considered amateurish and unprofessional! Now, most of us would much rather have the ‘cell number’ than the ‘office number’, of the people we do business with, right?

Nevertheless, I prefer to use a virtual telephone system (that still involves me using my mobile phone) for all of my incoming business calls.  Here’s why:

  • I instantly know when I’m receiving a call from a bridal client, or wedding vendor, or anything related to my wedding planning business – so I can use my best ‘telephone’ voice when I answer 🙂
  • I can stop taking calls after a specified time.  No more calls on Sunday!
  • I have only ever needed to list one telephone number for my wedding business (it’s been the same one since 2001) even though I’ve changed my cell phone, added and removed staff members

Here’s a link to the service I use: FreedomVOICE.  The most basic plan costs less than $10/month and includes enough monthly minutes that you’re unlikely to go over that basic rate for at least the first few months of operating your wedding planning business.

Wedding Planning Business Tool #2: A suite of office software

  • Microsoft Office
  • Open Office
  • Google Docs
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Wedding Planning Business Tool #3: A Business Address

If you operate your wedding planning business from your home, you can maintain your privacy by using a business address.

  • Post Office Box – this is an affordable option, however you won’t be able to received packages here.  Regular mail, only.
  • Executive Office or Virtual Office – with this set-up you can publish a physical address, usually in a commercial area, and list your box number as your suite number.

Wedding Planning Business Tool #4: An Online Presence

Just like everything else, there are several resources if you need someone to design a website for your wedding planning business.  There are also several do-it-yourself options, too.

  • WordPress
  • Facebook Fanpage for your Business

Wedding Planning Business Tool #5: Customer Payment Solutions

Now, everyone can accept credit card payments without having to apply for a traditional merchant account.

  • Square Up – Use this nifty device to accept credit cards using your mobile phone.
  • PayPal Business Account

Wedding Planning Business Tool #6: Pocket Video Camera

  • Kodak zi8 – Great way to capture site visit; very easy to upload video to your computer (may not be in production, now; replaced with Kodak Playsport)

Wedding Planning Business Tool #7: Professional Wedding Planning Software

Call the CONFETTI Listener 24/7 TalkBack Line at +1 (202) 681-2126 to ask your question!

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