HOW TO: Accurately Match Wedding Colors

My Dessy color guide (circa 2010)
My Dessy color guide (circa 2010)
Use this handy tool to coordinate your client's wedding colors.

Color is often the foundation for the design and look of your client’s wedding.

So, how do you ensure that everyone involved — the bridal party, the linen company, you, the wedding planner — is matching the selected wedding color, accurately?

I use the Dessy Color Fan Guide as a reference tool and oftentimes it’s the starting point for the look and design of a wedding.

This indispensable little gadget easily fits inside my bag and clears up a lot of confusion when it comes to matching colors!

Watch the video to see what I’m referring to and how it can work for you:

Links Mentioned:

The Dessy Pantone Color Guide – Visit to get the full details and to get your own color guide.



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