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LIVE! Pricing, Client Follow-Up, Wedding Idea Kit – WFAL371

This entire episode is devoted to answering your questions left on the listener talk-back line (thank-you!!).



Is it okay to serve punch at a wedding?

[00:03:29] A Tennessee-based wedding planner asked for advice about the appropriate beverage for her client's wedding. Remember, wedding etiquette and traditions are guidelines; not rules that can't be broken. Ultimately, the couple getting married gets to decide what works for their big day.

What Should you Include in your Wedding Idea Kit

[00:07:59] Linda likes the idea of creating a Wedding Idea Kit but is curious about the right number of pages to include in hers.  Listen to the audio and then check out the video, below, for a quick look at one of the ways I present mine. [VIDEO COMING SOON!]

Thoughts about Marketing your Wedding Planning Business

[00:12:33] The second part of Linda's voicemail asked for marketing tips that she can use to spread the word about her company.

How Much should I Charge to plan Weddings?

[00:16:29] Joanna is a new planner and wants to know how much she should charge for her professional wedding planning services.

There isn't a correct answer because it depends.  Your income goals, your wedding planning skills, the cost of area weddings, the fees that your competition charges, whether you're a general wedding planner or one with a niche…each of these elements affect how to determine your fees.

Following-Up with Bridal Clients

[00:32:12] Kristin is concerned about the way a potential client ended what seemed liked a good start.  Unfortunately, rejection is a part of doing business.  Don't be too hard on yourself when a prospect doesn't morph into a client.  Planning ahead about what you're going to say during your client meeting and also how you intend to follow-up after that meeting is something to plan beforehand (instead of trying to wing it).

Am I Ready to Take on More Clients?

[00:44:53] Nafeesa is a newly certified wedding planner and is working on her first wedding.  She has the opportunity to meet with additional prospects but she's nervous that she may be biting off more than she can chew.  What should she do?

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