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Our May 2014 monthly live wedding planner chat included the answers to several great wedding planner questions:



How to Train your Wedding-Day Staff

[00:04:49] Veronica is ready to grow her wedding business and knows that she needs help.  However,  without any booked business she's unsure how to pay and train her assistants with limited cash flow.

Thankfully, providing local wedding planner training classes is an easier solution than you might think.  Listen to this episode for ideas about how to do this for your local wedding planning business.

Thinking of Hiring an Intern for your Wedding Business?

[00:20:39] Pam is a wedding planner in Memphis Tennessee and is interested in hiring interns for her company but isn't quite sure what the process is to finding and hiring one.  What should she do?

The topic of hiring interns is a popular one.  But, it's important to know that once you decide to hire an intern, you're agreeing to be a mentor and to adequately train this person to do what you do.  Are you willing to do that?  Tune in to hear more.

How much should I charge for centerpieces

[00:32:09] Janice is getting asked to decorate table for her clients' wedding reception and needs help with how to charge for this type of service.

First, treat design as a separate service from planning. Second, your time and materials should both be included as you determine your fee.

Check out the resources for wedding design in the resources, below, for additional guidance when it comes to wedding decor.

Dealing with Negative Reactions to your Planning Fees

[00:38:23] Brenda asked for help with marketing her wedding business and also how she should deal with the negative reactions she's getting about her fee.

Marketing: When I first got started, I got a great response from family and friends after mailing out a heartfelt letter that announced that it was official and that I was in business.   I also received several of my very first clients from the area wedding vendors that I took the time to meet with.  Your relationship with local wedding professionals is so important.  You HAVE to get out there and meet with them so they can help spread the word about what you do.

Sticker Shock: Remember that, the way you package and position your wedding planning services is integral to the type of client you attract.  Hopefully, your marketing material — website, business card, logo, etc. — accurately projects your brand.

Live Calls During the Show

[01:00:03]  I love hearing from you and during this episode, I got the chance to do just that when I took a few of your live calls.

A H-U-G-E thank you to Princess, Latangula (aka ‘Tangie') and Angela for being the inaugural live callers.


Resources & Links Mentioned

SCORE – The Society of Retired Executives provides business counseling and mentoring from real0-life business owners.  Go to to learn more.

SBA – Small Business Administration provides business advice, training and more for small business owners across the United States.  Visit to learn more.

Institute of Wedding and Event Design – provides comprehensive, on-site, hands-on wedding design classes.  Visit to learn more.

Event Pro Training -is a self-paced, online resource for wedding event design.  Sign-up at

Wedding Business Guide – If you're ready to launch your very own wedding planning business, Wedding Business Guide is a step-by-step guide that shows you how.  Visit to learn more.

Feel free to ask a question and/or leave a comment on the listener talkback line: 202-681-2126 (I love hearing from you!).


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