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LIVE! Wedding Planner Chat & FAQs – WFAL367

This is a replay of our monthly live wedding planner chat hosted by Debbie Quain on Saturday, April 5, 2014.  As always, we shared lots of information about being a professional wedding planner and running a successful wedding planning business.




Your Wedding Planner Questions, Answered

  • [00:06:51] Clarissa is the owner of ‘The Sweetest Things' events in Atlanta and during our last live Q&A show, she announced that she was hosting an upcoming local event, ‘Shop.Taste.Dance'.  Well, the event went on as planned and by all accounts it was a blast!  Find the link for Clarissa's YouTube video in the list of resources at the end of this article.

Hosting events for local couples and/or local wedding vendors is a clever way to get attention for your local wedding business.  Listen-in for tips about promoting a local wedding event in your hometown.

  • [00:17:00] Aloma says she's a certified wedding planner but doesn't know how to bring in more business or how to get started?
  • [00:23:39] Nyaradzo shared another great comment about wedding planner certification.  She points out that wedding planner certification may be very helpful if you're looking for a career (i.e. not starting your own company) in the wedding or special events industry.  Excellent point!  Of course, she's right.
  • [00:35:21] Nicole lives in an area where a group of ‘mean wedding vendors' bash her wedding planning services without any justification.  What should she do?
  • [00:40:24] Latoya is a wedding-day coordinator who is receiving leads from WeddingWire.  Even though her initial consultation seems to go well, she's hearing nothing after submitting a proposal.  What's going on, here?
  • [00:51:07] Irene asked for ideas for content for her wedding business promo kit
  • [00:54:08] Nancy is looking for feedback on the number of days we wedding planners should wait for prospects to get back to us following the initial consultation.