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LIVE! Part 2, Live Wedding Planner Q&A – WFAL366

This is a continuation of our March 2014 live wedding planner chat.  You can listen to part one of the March 2014 live wedding planning chat, here.

Here are some of the great wedding planner topics we discussed in this segment:

  • “What's the ‘Going Rate' for Wedding Planners?”

Tish has been an employee for several years and is about to launch her own wedding business and wants to know what's the ‘ideal price to charge'. Truth is, there isn't a set price. It depends on where you're located and what couples in your area are willing to pay.

  • [00:05:14] Anita asked for a list of business expenses related to starting her own wedding planning business.

Your start-up costs really depend on whether you're running your business part-time vs. full-time and also has a lot to do with the level of wedding planning services you're providing.

Not too long ago I, Debbie, made the leap and leased a commercial space for my wedding business…without doing enough homework, beforehand.  I learned the hard way.  🙁

  • [00:12:15] “Is Starting a Wedding Planning Business as a Partnership a Good Idea…or Not?”

Before you start a wedding business with anyone (anyone!), my best advice is to seek legal counsel.  You need a formal agreement that explains, in detail, what will happen if things go pear shaped.  Can't afford an attorney?  Check out your local small business resources — i.e. Small Business Development Center or SCORE.

  • [00:14:54] Brenda asked for tips on starting a Wedding Event Design company

Although, I'm not a wedding designer,  I highly recommend two (2) great event design training resources: 1)  – a self-paced, online learning resource and 2) – a hands-on 5-day design training course (that I've seen firsthand) hosted at various locations, throughout the year, in the US and Canada.   [Check the resources below to hear earlier Confetti episodes that spotlight each of these companies.]

  • [00:20:09] Kudos from a Listener & Reader

Sam shared a great comment about her experience with a wedding planner certification course and her feedback about Weddings For a Living.  A H-U-G-E thank you, Sam, for your kind words! 🙂

You can learn lots about weddings on your own.  Certification is NOT required.  But if being a certified wedding planner is a must for you, please, be sure to do your due diligence before you sign-up for a course (and there are tons of them out there).

  • [00:32:37] “Do I need a separate contract for my wedding day assistants?”

It's a good idea to explain what you expect of your assistants in writing.  A simple letter of agreement is ideal (if you're a member, you can find one in the Wedding Business Guide download library).

  • [00:33:25] “What type of insurance is required for wedding planners?”

Check out Confetti Episode #352 for the inside scoop on insurance for wedding planners and for anyone planning a wedding (i.e. your clients).

  • [00:34:37] Marilisa plans weddings abroad and has a question about how to explain international customs to her local clients.

Remember, your role as a wedding planner is to educate and, in some instances, prep your clients so that they know what to expect and how to avoid any potential awkwardness when it comes to their big day.

Most of us want to know that we're doing the right thing and not offending anyone. So, when it comes to wedding customs and traditions, you take the lead! 🙂

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