LIVE! #354 – Should you Start a Blog or a Newsletter?

HOST: Debbie Quain


This was scheduled to be a live broadcast.  Unfortunately, I experienced sound issues and was forced to record offline, instead.  But it's still great info.

Sasha asked two (2) great questions in the Confetti Facebook group:

  • Is your newsletter the same as your blog?
  • Does the newsletter just “deliver” your blog to people that subscribe?



The good news is that you can blend your wedding blog with an active email newsletter.

Sending a wedding planning newsletter via email PLUS writing frequent blog posts are effective and very affordable ways to keep in touch with your prospective clients.

Tips for your Wedding Planning Newsletter :

Don't send an email newsletter using your regular email account. Instead, find a professional email management service. There are several to choose from (see the links, below). I use Aweber.

Your wedding planning newsletter doesn't need to (and really shouldn't) be long.  Bite-sized pieces of info is best.

Your newsletter can simply be an email notification of your most recent blog posts – each newsletter issue contains links to individual articles/blog posts

Stay on topic; provide subscribers with the information they signed up for: relevant —  wedding planning-related — information.

Your newsletter can be in video or audio format


No time to read? Audible offers tons of books that you can listen to. Click here to download a free audiobook (no strings attached).  One of my Audible favorites is ‘Book Yourself Sold', by Michael Port.

Manage your wedding business telephone calls, professionally. costs less than $10/month and sets you and your wedding business apart from all the other wedding planners who are simply using the mobile phone to take phone calls from prospective clients.

Use an Email Management Service to deliver your newsletter (even if just to notify your subscribers about your new blog posts).  Here are a few companies to check out:

  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • My Emma

Freebie for Wedding Planning Business Owners: Get a free copy of  “5 Strategies to Enhanced & Lasting Financial Success” provided by Adrian Nelson. provides free articles and more for new and aspiring wedding planners.

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