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LIVE! #331 – A Marriage Proposal Service, Offering a Variety of Wedding Services


ORIGINAL AIR DATE:  Tuesday, January 15, 2013
HOST: Debbie Quain

What a great episode this is!  The feedback from the Confetti live audience is fabulous!  Thank you. 🙂


Aila asked a great question about how she should promote the different wedding services that she offers — decorating, invitations and marriage proposals.  LOVE the marriage proposal niche!  And, just imagine?  Who do you think the groom will contact when it’s time to plan the wedding (assuming that she says ‘yes’, of course)?!

Tavia fell in love with weddings after witnessing several nuptials in her role as caterer for a restaurant.  Now, she wants to know how to get started.

I also went on a bit shared the importance of being accountable as wedding planning business owners (if you opt to go that route).  In fact, I even went as far to suggest that you put on your ‘big girl panties’!  (I know, I know).  What I was really trying to say is that when someone puts their faith in you as a wedding planner, and pays you the big bucks, you have to deliver!  No excuses.  Be sure to have plan B and sometimes, even, plan C in place for if when things go wrong.

Debby also telephoned-in with a great question about the ethics of planning weddings for her own clients while working for another wedding planning pro in her area.

Please leave your comments and feedback, below.  I love hearing from you!


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