Glossary Term:Thermography

what is thermography
A popular, less-expensive method of printing that imitates engraving by producing raised lettering

The cubic zirconia of engraving, thermography is less expensive than (and meant to imitate) engraving. Thermography produces text that is shinier than engraving.

What it looks like: letters are raised above the surface of the paper, but no indentation is left on the back.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
thermography (noun)
a process of writing or printing involving the use of heat , especially a raised-printing process in which matter printed by letterpress is dusted with powder and heated to make the lettering rise
a technique for detecting and measuring variations in the heat emitted by various regions of the body and transforming them into visible signals that can be recorded photographically (as for diagnosing abnormal or diseased underlying conditions) , also a similar technique used elsewhere (as on buildings)
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