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Theme Wedding

Theme Wedding

When a wedding is centered around a specific theme other than color or a pattern, it's a theme wedding.

Some examples of theme weddings include:

  • Winter wedding
  • Rock ‘n Roll wedding
  • Star Wars wedding
  • Halloween wedding
  • Vintage wedding
  • Era-specific wedding – 20s, 30s, etc.

A hint of a wedding's theme is typically shared early on with save-the-dates or wedding invitations and then is reflected in the wedding party's attire, the wedding decor and especially the wedding cake.

7 Indian Wedding Themes that totally WOW ! year, Indian weddings are getting more and more unique and these are some themes that definitely stand out from the crowd: 7 Indian Wedding Themes that totally WOW ! | Wedmegood

Just know that there's fine line between hosting a clever themed wedding and overdoing the event to the point that it resembles a Sweet 16 bash, instead!  Sometimes less is more.


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