Glossary Term:Garland

What is a garland

An elaborate floral woven strand or rope typically used to decorate pews and doorways.

Garland also describes a full circle of flowers worn in the hair


Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
garland (noun)
a circular or spiral arrangement of intertwined material (as flowers or leaves)
- anthology collection
garland (verb)
transitive verb
to form into a garland
to adorn with or as if with a garland
Garland (biographical name)
(Hannibal) Hamlin 1860–1940 Am. nov.
Garland (biographical name)
Judy 1922–1969 originally Am. actress & singer - Frances Gumm
Garland (geographical name)
city Texas of Dallas 215,768 - NE NNE pop
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