Glossary Term:Engraving

A traditional method of printing where text is raised above the surface of the paper leaving a recess on the back.

Engraving is the most traditional method of printing used for wedding invitations and other wedding stationery.

What Engraving Looks Like

When handling an engraved wedding invitation, opaque text is raised above the surface of the paper. The pressure of the plate used to make the impression, leaves a recess (a ‘bruise’) on the flip side.

The Engraving Process

Text is etched into a copper plate and the etchings are filled with ink. Paper is then pressed into the plate resulting in raised print that is pressed through (you can feel it on the back of the paper).

In the past, tissue paper was used to prevent smudging as the oils from the ink dried. Today, smudging is unlikely to happen, nevertheless, tissue is still used as a nod to tradition.

Engraving is likely to be the most expensive option for printing wedding invitations.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
engraving (noun)
the act or process of one that - engraves
something that is as - engraved
a) an engraved printing surface
b) engraved work
an impression from an engraved printing surface
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