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what is black tie
A semi-formal evening dress code

Black tie describes a semi-formal evening dress code for weddings, charity events and very formal parties or dinners held after 6:00PM.

For men this means a black tuxedo jacket, black tuxedo trousers, a white tuxedo or dress shirt, a black bow tie and black dress shoes.


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Black Tie for Women

For women, a full-length gown is usually most appropriate, but, depending on the venue and event details, a formal cocktail dress will certainly work, too.

Either way, elegant jewelry, a clutch bag and a standout pair of heels add the perfect finishing touches for black tie dress code.

Black tie style for a woman
Black tie style for a woman

Keep in mind, that black tie is not appropriate for weddings taking place before 6:00PM (although we see it all the time)! Instead, morning dress is the way to go for a daytime formal event.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
black tie (noun)
semiformal clothing - gentlemen in black tie for the banquet
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