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Aisle Runner

Aisle Runner

Traditionally, the aisle runner is a long piece of fabric — or life-threatening vinyl– positioned in the center or main aisle of the wedding ceremony.

The aisle runner is rolled out at the beginning of the wedding ceremony right before the bridal procession to indicate the arrival of the bride.

You can learn the history and protocol of using an aisle runner from this information-packed article on the Center of Attention website:

Aisle Runners | Center Of Attention

Many centuries ago, the first aisle runners were placed down as a protection for the bride and groom. It was believ that evil spirits lived under the church floor Get the full scoop.




Personally, I am NOT a fan of using an aisle runner for a wedding ceremony.  Weddings where they're included, almost always create confusion for the unfortunate souls who are tasked with unrolling the darned thing!

And, apparently, Savannah-based Rev Schulte agrees and does an excellent job of explaining why:

A case against the aisle runner thought: check the “no” box for Aisle Runner! To runner or not to runner at your Savannah Wedding, that is the question | A Wedding With Rev. Schulte

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